Thursday, 9 April 2009

time in karmøy!!!

Words sometimes it missing in my vocabulary to describe feelings about what i've done, about what i've havent done, what i need to emprove, but know what i can say is just a wonderful time here in Karmøy with nice people around me :) !!

im not ashame to say i am blessed by God because he give me many nice and good friends here to enjoy my time and to made it special and unique.

My family was a good present this 6 months i know they always will be in my life because they are so important for me, it is so funny because you became to think people with you never image that exist and one year they can do all difference in your life it is a big present by God and i wish to preserve it with all my heart :)

but i would like to be thankfulll to God for my big sister here Dani i cant call her friend because she was more for me, when i was sad and feel hopeless Dani all the time was share, God knows everything because withou her my time here was so boring i know it because she can do the difference where shes are :) Dani you are a special friend and i ll keep you in my heart where i ll go i ll remember you i know have differents ways for us but this time for me i will be remember time for joy and happiness with you thanks for everything even when we desagree with some thing i can grow a lot with you :)

so i will show here some our moments the happiness and discovery of our talents so when we came back to Brasil you know what we will do :)hugs

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