Thursday, 12 March 2009

gå på ski ??:)!!!

My first time in the ski!!!

It was a great experience for me, because in the begine i saw how hard is it, but after falling a few time i just enjoy my time with friends help!!!

it was amazing for me because i could see how my friend was so worry about myself if i was hurt or something like it!!!

the same time i could see the care of the God for us some time we falling, we hurt ourselfs,and we feel bad with it, but God is like my friend so worry about us, he wish care us and sometimes that us falling because with our fall, the most of the time he teach us how can us be get up again! with it i've laern to much to not do the same wrongs things,
like me in the ski, i would like to say for you i've
laern how manage it but i cant for me is hard yet, but i can say i,ve laern many things and maybe it can be better the next time!! and i hope it can be more easy :)

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